Most Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

Most of our clients are not geeks or the techie types; they chose us because we provide superior site maintenance at a great price. Using us, you can focus on what you do best; you never have to worry about a WordPress theme, plugin, or PHP issue; we handle those issues for you.

The primary reason you use us is to free up your valuable time, plus we eliminate the need for you to go through the Geek Learning Curve Gauntlet. If you are going to launch and maintain your blog or website, you will need to learn website development, maintenance, security, SSL certificates, PHP, site design, themes, CSS, plugins, widgets, headers & footers, menus, spam protection, settings & configurations, and much more.

It’s straightforward; none of the other services can compare to our razor-sharp team of seasoned and successful WordPress Developers, Bloggers, and Internet Marketers. We set the bar, and our competition tries to meet it! All our services are premium because we believe you want the best no matter what package you select. Click the following link to learn more About Us.


The primary difference is WordPress.com is the free blog platform that provides limited features and access unless you upgrade to their paid version. Overall, serious bloggers stay away from this platform due to the limitations of the features. Even if you get their business package, they limit how many products and services you can offer. WordPress.org is where you download the WordPress CMS and build your site to your liking without limitations; this is the option most people take.

Yes, installing websites is one of the services that we provide. You will need a hosting account and a domain name for us to carry out the install. Once you provide that information, we can typically complete the install within 48 hours.

Oftentimes, new clients contact us because their sites are broken in some form or fashion. If your web host has a backup of your site, we most likely can fix it. If neither of you has a backup, we will examine your hosting account to see if files are recoverable.

Your webhosting service is one of the critical decisions you will make as an Internet Marketer. The wrong hosting company can prevent your website from ranking. Moreover, a bad choice can mean that your site experiences unexpected downtime, as well as other technical difficulties. In terms of who we recommend, first, let’s talk about who we don’t recommend; you can learn by reading this hosting review. Make sure you read that review so that you DO NOT choose any of those hosting companies.

Who do we recommend? If you are starting out and only plan on having “1” website without any eCommerce capabilities, a shared hosting account with seamless upgrade capabilities may suffice. If you are engaging in eCommerce, affiliate marketing, CPA, PPC, or lead capture, use a premium hosting account from a verified reliable host. At this moment, we do not have a list for you, but stay tuned; we will publish one shortly.

After you signup (and this pertains to all plans), you will receive a welcome email containing information about your plan and how to send us your login credentials securely. Once we confirm your credentials, it takes approximately 24 to 48 hours to implement your plan completely. This includes verifying PHP, theme and plugin, compatibility, hardening your site, security, image optimization, SSL certificate, and setting up scheduled backups.

In phase two, we roll out WordPress Tweaks, site speed improvements, as well as the add Rank Math SEO plugin, Google Console, and Google Analytics to ensure that your SEO game is on point.

Yes, we do! These CMSs fall under our custom quote packages because they require advanced resources and manpower to keep them running smoothly. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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