WP Themes – Insider Secrets To The Best WP Themes To Make Money Online

When it comes to blogging for money, you want to put your best foot forward! That means you want to use WP Themes that are fast loading, easily customizable and SEO friendly. You simply want to avoid WP Themes that require or demand that you go under the hood and perform .css or .php surgery. To be quite Frank, I know nothing about coding, NOTHING! But you couldn’t tell by the blogs or websites that I build.

I could tell you some humdinger war stories of my first time using WordPress, Whew we!!! I went through a slew of WP Themes and spent hours upon hours upon hours on the WordPress forum trying to figure out how to get the sidebars to do this and the horizontal navigation to do that… and got nowhere! One thing I learned very quickly is if you are using a WP Theme that needs customizing or one that you having problems with and you DON’T KNOW CODE, don’t waste your time on the WordPress forum. I’ll share with you the most common answers they are going to give you…

a). If you learned .css you wouldn’t have this problem!
b). Learn .php, that way you won’t have that issue again.
c). Did you search for the answer in the WordPress Forum?
d). Try this link and see if this helps, (It very rarely does)
e). You get NO ANSWER at all!!!!!
f). And my favorite one is when you ask a question and someone replies with…

Try this: wp_list_bookmarks(‘title_li=’);

You’re sitting at your computer with the deer in the headlights look, scratching your head, picking your nose, wondering, “What in the hell am I supposed to do with this?” I’ll tell you what to do! It’s time to start using WP Themes that conform to your dreams! No coding! No .css! No .php! Here is my WP Theme bugga bear.

When I first saw the advertisements for Artisteer, my thinking was, “This is just what the doctor ordered!” In great excitement and anticipation, I downloaded the trial version and then, Kapow! BAM! Kaboom! Talk about an overwhelming disappointment, Artisteer is it! They get ten out of ten for a fantastic Internet marketing campaign. But as far as the software goes, if you’re serious about blogging for money, this IS NOT a solution! The best descriptive term I have is; it’s inflexible. Yes, you can create a blog with it, but in terms of creating a SEO friendly, traffic getting, high CTR, low bounce rate money making blog, that’s a different story! Move on my friend.

By the way, you aren’t going to ever find the PERFECT WP Theme, EVER! If you have a WP Theme that needs tweaking or a partial overhaul under the hood, its best to find a WP Theme that’s close in functionality and looks like what you want and then go to one of the Freelance sights such and Elance.com and hire a coder to make your adjustments/changes. In my experiences, I’ve never paid more that $100 to have a blog tweaked or partially overhauled. Of course, I rarely need to use that option anymore with my next top WP Theme picks and they are, drum roll please…

The FlexxTheme by iThemes has got to be one of the best WP Themes on the market! As soon as I started working with it, I instantly knew it was a KEEPER! The amount of control and the options that you have is amazing and the kicker is; it’s built right into the WP Dashboard. You are given the power of customization in terms of how many columns, sidebars, navigation, backgrounds, headers, widgets plus much more. If you want to look like you know what you’re doing, the FlexxTheme is your choice.

The Thesis WP Theme by DIYthemes is simply the BOMB! It gives you total control to make adjustments and tweaks without ever going under the hood. Literally, I could write a book about all of the options you have right in the WP Dashboard. You can change the entire look of the theme with a few clicks. Just like with the FlexxTheme, you can change how many columns appear, their widths and customization goes on and on. Learn more about the DIY WP Theme Thesis.

Thesis UPDATE! Don’t get nervous, but I’m about to get a LITTLE technical; you can further tweak Thesis by using a WP Plugin called, “Openhook.” Just bare in mind; this step is for the patient people inclined to tinkering around and tweaking websites and blogs. You don’t need Openhook, it just adds an extra element of customization.

There you have it, my two favorite WP Themes are the FlexxTheme and Thesis. I don’t believe you are going to find two better solutions than these two. Bare in mind, these solutions are for Bloggers and Internet Marketers who build blogs to make money online  – who want to avoid writing, reading or learning code. If that’s you, YOU’VE FOUND YOUR SOLUTION!

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