Turnkey Websites For Sale

If you are looking for an aged and seasoned online venture, we currently have an inventory of turnkey websites and blogs for sale. These are complete websites that are currently online and operational and are priced right for you to be well pleased with your investment.

Why choose a seasoned turnkey website? These sites already have keywords ranked, backlinks and a measure of online business authority. The time that it would take you to achieve the same results starting from scratch would be a critical factor to consider.

Especially since Google has taken a tough stance on newly launched websites. It used to be that a person could launch a website on a new domain and blast it with XRumer and SB backlinks and see some considerable ranking jumps but those days have since subsided with the rollout of the latest Google algorithm updates.

In addition to the time factor, there is the resource factor. It takes a lot or resources to get a website ranked these days. When you invest in an established turnkey website, all of the heavy lifting has already been done. You can step in and put your new website on a backlink building auto pilot plan and watch the income start rolling in.

Jewelry Website – HTML
This is a high diamond jewelry website that is ripe to make a major impact. The website is designed in HTML and features approximately fifty-five pages of original content. It also has its own Twitter, YouTube, FaceBook accounts. And most importantly, it has various high CPC keywords ranked. All they need from you is the final push to put them over the top.

Tax Website – Premium WordPress
This turnkey website is perfect for anyone who prepares taxes for a living. It features an elegant Premium WordPress theme and over fifty pages of strategically written PLR content. The keywords for this niche have a high CPC and this site is prime for a major takeover of these high paying keywords because of its name. Moreover, it is an easily brandable domain name for the accountants, tax preparers and Internet Markets who want to make a lasting impression of surfers.

Student Loan Website – HTML
We’ve said this before but it bears repetition; with seasoned turnkey websites, all of the heavy lifting has been done for you. With that being said, this cleanly designed HTML website is poised to be a real moneymaker. It features all original content, well-established online business authority and PR. This is another one of those websites that simply needs the right owner to take it to the next level.

If you need more information on any of these websites, feel free to contact our team.

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