SEO Videos

We take our hats off to SEO Videos!

If you are not using SEO Videos as part of your Genuine Overall Link Diversity game plan, you are doing yourself a great disservice.

What are SEO Videos?

SEO Videos are videos designed to assist website owners and Internet Marketers in building online business authority while simultaneously helping them to achieve and maintain natural link building patterns.

As you know, between January and February of 2012, over 700,000 webmasters received jolting warnings from Google revealing that the search engine giant detected unnatural link building patterns on their website. SEO videos are part of the solution to keeping your off page link building natural in the eyes of all of the search engines.

What SEO Videos DO NOT do and are not made for…

SEO Videos are not designed or crafted to go viral. If they do go viral, that’s icing on the cake but it is not the goal or objective of this type of video.

SEO Videos are not designed to be graphically or aesthetically appealing. In other words, they are not designed to be artsy masterpieces that leave viewers in awe. Remember, the primary purpose of these videos is off page SEO.

SEO videos are not designed to present a sales pitch in any shape, form or fashion. In these videos, there are no product pushes; directly or indirectly. These videos are specially crafted to be educational and/or informational.

Here is a sample of a SEO Video

SEO videos can cover any and all family friendly subjects from weight loss, cooking, dancing, networking and making money online, to yoga, to yodeling and go all the way to scuba diving, blogging and real estate investing.

Basically, you are not limited as far as subject matter is concerned, as long as it is family friendly.



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