SEO Services

As Google makes significantly more shifts, updates and changes to their algorithms, intelligent SEO Services are becoming significantly more necessary for site owners who want to stay ahead of the curve. Be advised that the days of slinging thousands and hundreds of thousands of backlinks up against the World Wide Web and see what sticks are essentially over.

In today’s SEO environment, such tactics can easily put the website owner on Google’s radar to receive the dreaded Google slap, experience the Google dance or potentially be deindexed altogether. Of course, there is a lot of talk, chatter, gossip, conjecture and misinformation when it comes to how the latest Google algorithms make these penalties possible.

In layman’s terms, Google implements a powerfully developed set of “Machine learning” scripts that use scientific and mathematical variables to help it determine, detect and differentiate between patterns. After being put through various learning processes, these scripts are designed to make predictions and those predictions determine your website’s rankings.

In terms of the variables used to make these predictions, Google “may” factor in, indicators such as content uniqueness, type of backlinks, quality of backlinks, number of backlinks, link diversity, advertising placement, number of advertisements, overall design of the website, on page SEO, social networking and numerous other factors.

It is up to those who provide SEO Services to decipher what factors and indicators Google is using and strategically plan a SEO strategy based upon those findings. This process demands, in depth research. To be crystal clear, without in depth research, it is practically impossible to make any headway when it comes to ranking in fiercely competitive markets, highly competitive niches and moderately competitive niches.

Proper SEO research affords you the ability to get a bird’s eye view of the competing websites. When your competitors are doing better than you are, research, [also known as reverse engineering] helps you to understand the reasons why. As you breakdown their backlinking metrics, you are able to understand and decipher the type of strategies and tactics they are using. More importantly, you are able to determine what it is going to take for you to match and then best them.

Another critical advantage of performing this type of in depth SEO research is that you are able to obtain a perspective of what can potentially trigger the Google algorithm alarms. Smart SEO agencies and SEO professionals perceive the risks of not keeping abreast of the Google algorithm changes. SEO Research gives you somewhat of an upper hand. The other equalizer is engaging in Genuine Overall Link Diversity.

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