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Buy An Aftermarket Domain Name

Buy An Aftermarket Domain Name

If you are getting into blogging and want to eventually sell your online investment down the road, it is important to choose the best domain name possible.

This is not one of those decisions that you should take lightly.

I had a fellow online marketer contact me because he was amazed that he hadn’t received any “Real” genuine offers on two of his seasoned money making blogs.

Here are the stats of one of his blogs.

You tell me if  it is worth the quick sell asking price?

Age of domain: 4.3 years
Google Page Rank: 5
Alexa Ranking: 303,279
Daily Unique Visitors: 4500
Income source: CPAs and advertising
Income: $4860.00 per month
Income verifiable: Yes
Asking price: $39.5k Quick Sell

Both blogs essentially had the same stats but even with those awesome numbers, neither of the blogs received any sensible offers because they had the dreaded: dash, dash, dash and then dot com. Both domain names have dashes in them and looked something like this:

Although he did received offers, they were low ball (and I mean low ball) and none of the major domain name auctioneers would take them because they both had a 36k reserve. Although both domain names have verifiable income, expert domaineers and website buyers see the dashes as negatively overshadowing the Google Page Rank, the number of daily visitors and the income the blog produces.

Someone suggested that he put his blog on Sitepoint, Digital Forum, the Blackhat Forum and others. My response is, that move will only further serve to drive the price down. Once the masses learn that he’s having a hard time selling those domain names, they will only offer him peanuts.

If you can’t find a Brandable domain name through the regular means such as from one of the normal registrars, your best bet is to search the Domain Name Aftermarket for a deal. This is a much better option than registering a domain names that will be essentially be seen as worthless by other domaineers.

Brandable Domain Names for sale!

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