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I invest in real estate and any time a new plumber, carpenter, electrician or other tradesmen approaches me about doing work for me, one of the first things I inspect is his tools and tool kit.

They tell the tale of whether they have the right tools to do the job and if this person is experienced or not. When it comes to making money blogging, just like a successful tradesman, you need certain tools; without these tools, you won’t be very successful.

The first buzzword is, “Automate!” Even though it is true that some individuals hate the term, “Automate” the realty is; you must automate if you are going to keep pace with your competition.

If you are doing things the old fashion way, you are so far behind the 8-ball; it’s not even funny anymore. For example, if you are submitting articles to article directories manually, you are wasting one of your most valuable assets, which is TIME! That brings me to my next buzzword, which is, “Time management.”

If you are going to make money online you MUST become an expert at time management. One thing is for certain; you can bank on your competitors being excellent time managers.

Here’s a great example; getting backlinks are indexed and that have PR juice and authority is a necessity if you want your blog or website to rank high with certain keyword phrases. When I first leaving comments on blogs, it was a TIME CONSUMING DRAG and it still is! Thankfully, there are IMATs, Internet Marketing Automated Tools that make posting comments an automated process.

Basically, there are IMATs for just about every task you can think of. In terms of the actual task of blogging, you have a lot of options. However, you need to be aware that many of the available blogging tools on the market may not be worth your time or money. That is why you need to read genuine reviews and most importantly, you need to find out what the pros are using. Here are some of the essentials.

Dragon Naturally Speaking – If you are anything like me, you CANNOT type. My solution to not being able to type was to automate the process using the Dragon Naturally Speaking software. It’s real simple; you install the software and once you go through the voice training process, you are ready to start dictating.

Think of Dragon Naturally Speaking as having your own stenographer. It is an undisputable fact that we can talk faster than we can type. Once you get acclimated and accustomed to using Dragon Naturally Speaking, you are going to kick yourself for taking so long to get it. You can use it write articles from scratch, rewrite articles as well as to write blog posts super fast.

RoboForm – When it comes to blogging and online marketing, there are certain repetitive tasks that are time consuming but necessary. Once such task is filling out your username and passwords when logging in to certain websites. Another such task is filling out forms when signing up for certain websites.

Did you know that you could do this automatically, in most cases with just a click? You no longer have to copy and paste user names and passwords and you no longer have to type them in. The RoboForm software is easy to set up and once you are done, logging in to any website or web page becomes a walk in the park. This is a MUST blogging tool! One more thing, you can install RoboForm Everywhere on all of your computers.

IMacro – Anyone who has an online business will tell you that one dreaded task is creating accounts. Another one is logging into the same accounts and making updates. You can do that in an automated fashion when using IMacro together with RoboForm. There is a learning curve but it is worth because you can put many web-based tasks on automation.

ZennoPoster – this software application is best described as RoboForm and IMacro on steroids. You can use ZennoPoster to execute auto registrations, post articles, complete social bookmarking and do just about anything in concerning a web browser, in an automated fashion.

This software application saves you money because it replaces outsourcers and other people who you would have to pay to perform these tasks.

XSitePro – Although this website is about blogging and primarily using the WordPress platform, if you want to rapidly build great looking websites that are SEO optimized, XSitePro is the way to go. Here is the bottom line with XSitePro; you don’t have to play with code.

You don’t not have to deal with plugin updates, WordPress updates or using too many server resources. With XSitePro, you can hit the ground running and never have to worry about ever dealing with CSS, PHP, hacked themes, widgets, Permalinks or being bombarded with advertisements when you log into your WordPress control panel.

Bookmark this page because I will be adding other tools on a regular basis. Also, this is a brief list with very short introductions. I’ll most likely be creating separate posts once my schedule allows.

Giles, the Crew Chief

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