Ways On How To Make Money Blogging

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This brief session is designed to share with you the primary ways on How To Make Money Blogging. Take a look and digest things and don’t forget to bookmark GetBlogHelp.com because whichever route you decide to take, we’re here for you!

Market Your Own Product(s)
One of the best ways to make money online is to market your own products. This offers you complete control. But be advised, it means that you will have to handle or set up some type of customer service.

Aside from that, this is a rewarding way to make money online. The sky is the limit when it comes to products. Would you believe there are people who now sell saltwater and tropical fish VIA the Internet?
Consequently, you are only limited by your imagination!

Market The Products of Others
Marketing the product of others is called Affiliate Marketing. Once you become an Affiliate Marketer, you have access to literally hundreds of thousands of products you can market.

The great news is; you don’t have to handle customer service or customer support. You also don’t have to stock products or create brochures. As an Affiliate Marketer, your primary objective is to refer potential customers to the primary seller or provider.

Google Adsense
Not to long after Google Adsense came out, it was the rage. Although the chatter and hype has died down, serious Internet Marketers are making a killing with Google Adsense. It’s a real simple setup.

You place a snippet of Google code on your SEO Optimized blog or website and Google serves up laser targeted advertisements to your viewers. When someone clicks on the advertisements, you get paid. It’s an easy way to learn how to make money blogging.

If you love the simplicity of Google Adsense, you’ll really love the simplicity of the Amazon.com. Their system is also designed to make integrating advertisements into your blog a matter of copying and pasting a snippet of code wherever you’d like to place ads. They key to succeeding with Amazon.com can be drilled down to two phrases, “Laser Targeted Keyword Research” and Laser Targeted Traffic.”

Practically everyone knows about the Ebay brand name. Personally I’m not engaged in Ebay marketing, however, a good number of my friends are and they do fantastic! IMHO Ebay takes a unique type of marketer that differs from the mentality of all of the other ways to monetize a blog or website.

Drop Shipping
Drop shipping is another way of taking a hands off approach to blogging and Internet Marketing. It’s a simple proposition; you take the orders and transfer them over to a wholesaler. The wholesaler then processes and fills the order and you get paid a commission. This is a great option for high-end high priced items.

Cost Per Action

Cost Per Action, better known as CPA is a form of advertising in which an advertiser places ads on your site and viewers must take a certain action in order for you to get paid. For example, let’s say you place CPA ads on your site for a mortgage loan company.

The company agrees to pay you each time a person fills out a form by providing a valid: physical address, e-mail, phone number, loan amount requested and the best time to be contacted. Once they provide that info you get paid.


Clickbank is another popular Affiliate Marketing program that provides a bevy of ebooks, software products, electronic products and subscription services. If you want an easy way to jump into the waters, Clickbank is probably the best way to go.

Sell You Services
Are you good at something? Such as tutoring, writing, coaching, HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Graphics Design, Book Keeping, accounting, knitting, organizing, etc.? If so, the Internet is just the place for you to avail your services to the world.

This is brief overview of some of the most prominent ways on how to Make Money Blogging. There are other ways I’m sure, but this arsenal is enough to keep you busy for a long time. Not sure where to start? Check out the Super Affiliate Handbook, which you should read not matter which direction you decide.

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