Rules To Buying Domain Names and Registering a Domain Name

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If you are going to become a blogger who makes floods of money online, you are most likely going to need to register or re-register multiple domain names. At any given time, my personal portfolio hovers around 550 to 650 domain names. That being said, you need to know two cardinal Buying Domain Names and Registering Domain Name rules, which are…

Never put all of your eggs in one basket

Never register and host your domains at the same place

Want to hear some Internet Marketing horror stories? Probably not but you can learn a lot from the mistakes of others. Especially when those mistakes are costly Internet Marketing mistakes that plunges a person’s income from $5,000.00 per month down to $750.00 per month and dropping. I’ve seen fellow Bloggers and Internet Marketers suffer such drastic fate because they unwittingly put all of their eggs in one basket.

Cardinal rule number one refers to registering all of your domain names at the same company. Simply put, don’t do it! If all of your domains are registered at one company and that company has a major meltdown, what is your backup plan? I’ll tell you exactly what it will be: PANIC And HYSTERIA! By utilizing a network of domain name registrars you can buffer the impact of such possibilities.

Currently our primary domain name registrars are;,,, and,

Don’t get so haughty in your appraisal of your domain name registrar that you are persuaded beyond a reason of a shadow of a doubt that nothing could happen to them. I remind you of the 2010 BP oil spill. BP and everyone else thought a catastrophic oil spill could never happen to the multi-billion dollar BP. However, at the moment the BP oil spill is about to wipe out an entire fishing industry and potentially destroy a huge portion of a beautiful coast. Had they had an environmental response plan in place, no doubt the impact would have been less devastating.

But I digress… let’s get back on track with the subject at hand, which are rules to Buying Domain Names and Registering a Domain Name.

Cardinal rule number two refers to avoiding the bad business decision of combining your domain name with your hosting. On the surface this idea makes all the sense in the world; you’ve got bundled services and you pay one company. The problem is, you’re giving up too much control.

Remember when the telecommunications companies started offering bundled services for cable phone and Internet? Do you recall the first thing they did to their loyal customers? They raised the prices! When you bundle your domain name together with your hosting, you subject yourself to non-competitive pricing. I’ve seen some of the renewal rates of these bundle deals and thought to myself, “Only a Internet Marketing newbie would fall for those prices!”

The bottom line is this, if you have more than twelve domain names, use multiple Domain Name Registrars and never bundle your domain name registration with your hosting. Hope these rules to buying domain names and registering a domain name has helped you.

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