Online Video Marketing Software That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

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If you are engaged in Internet Marketing, at some point you are going to start thinking about making one or more Internet marketing videos or quite possibly engaging in an all out online video marketing campaign.

Either way, the first thing you are going to think about is how to make your videos. Here are your choices and my recommendation.

You first choice is, you can pay someone to make videos for you. The cost will run anywhere from $39.00 to $300.00 for a two minute video. It just depends on who you go to. In many of the Internet Forums you can find people to make nice looking basic videos for you.

However, the caveat is; they are not that reliable in terms of delivering the end product. Outside of the forums, the prices are pretty astronomical so be ready to kick out the cash.

Your second option is you can make your own online marketing videos. There are a number of platforms available. For the sake of time and space, I’m only going to list the most popular and the most widely used and of course the best option IMHO.

Animoto charges $249.00 for a full year or $39.00 per month fro their pro account. You can pay per video but the downside of that option is people who view your videos are going to remember Animoto more so than your videos.

The reason being is when you opt for the pay as you go mode, you agree to allow Animoto to advertise their website on your videos. Needless to say, that’s not a good look for your potential customers. Having said that, the videos they put out are down right professional looking as long as you provide clear pictures.

AVS Video Editor
This is a free program that was referred to me by a fellow Internet Marketer. It’s a great program if you are a Audio Visual expert of have some background in using such software.

Although it is free, the learning curve is pretty immense and in the beginning, you’ll spend more time trying to use the software than actually making online marketing videos. In the final analysis, although its free, don’t bother.

Online Video Story
The Online Video Story is produced by a gentleman named Milan who also produced the Automatic Article Submitter. At the time of publishing the software was approximately $47.00.

True, this is an easy to use program. However, the output looks like the videos were made back in 1990. That probably has a lot to do with the fact that the fonts, no matter which ones you use, show up looking amateurish.

Microsoft Video Maker
Of all of the different free options, if you can’t afford to pay someone to make your videos, this is the option that I would take! I’ve tried a number of different software applications to make videos and amazingly, the Microsoft Movie Maker turned out to be the best in terms of being no cost. That says a lot because I weaned myself off of Microsoft products years ago.

If you have Windows XP its already on your computer. If you have Vista, then you have the upgraded version, which is called: Windows Live Movie Maker. Either way, the learning curve is pretty short. The program is designed to be an easy to use copy and paste type of format.

In summation, before you go out and purchase any software application designed to make videos, first try out the Microsoft Video Maker. It can produce the same type of impressive videos as Animoto without the costs.

If you have the money to invest, look at getting applications such as: Camtasia Studio, Photodex ProShow Producer and Adobe After Effects. Those programs are expensive but they produce world class stunning videos.

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