Free WordPress Themes Usually Have Hidden Backlinks

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Free WordPress Themes anyone? One thing you should learn about the Internet if you haven’t learned it yet is this; if they say FREE… there’s always a catch! Just recently a well known Internet Marketer sent me an email saying that he was providing a free ebook that was going to reveal how he built his money making Internet Blogging Business.

The moment I saw the email, my first thoughts were, “Why not just send the ebook? Why send everyone on your list a link to get this free information?” I knew the answer to the question but it was time to prove another point about free stuff. After clicking on the link in the initial email, I was taken to opt-in page in which you had to provide your e-mail address in order to get the free ebook.

Wait a minute? He already had my e-mail address! So why request it again? This is a neat little trick used by unethical Internet Marketers to grab super fresh opt-in lists and sell them to Joint Venture marketers.

But I digress…

After providing my e-mail address and going through the double opt-in, the ebook was finally sent to me, whew! Upon scanning through the ebook, it became glaringly apparent why he offered it for free. He has links to all five of his primary products on just about every page.

Turns out it wasn’t an ebook about how he succeeded in Internet Marketing VIA blogging. In actuality, it was a round about sales pitch for his top products. When it comes to Free WordPress Themes, expect the same treatment and tactics.

No one give away Free WordPress Themes without expecting something in return. In this case they are expecting free one-way backlinks from your site to sites they have chosen. The thing is, you most likely would not agree to having the backlinks they embed in the Free WordPress Themes if you realized what was going on.

The fact is Free WordPress Themes are easy to code for a coder and they have become an easy way for unscrupulous Internet Marketers to gain backlinks. Consequently, when websites offer Free WordPress Themes, expect that they are going to demand that you leave the one-way embedded backlinks in place.

Many of those offering Free WordPress Themes are now coding their themes so that in the event that you attempt to change or delete the embedded backlinks, you will immediately deactivate that particular WordPress theme.

In summation, there is an old adage; you get what you pay for! This truth especially rings true for Internet Marketing. The best WordPress themes do cost but they are well worth it! If you’re stuck on Free WordPress Themes, just recognize what you’re getting.

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