Discount Webhosting, Cheap Webhosting And Free Webhosting For Bloggers, Internet Marketers And SEO Pros

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Discount Webhosting, Cheap Webhosting And Free Webhosting For Bloggers, Internet Marketers And SEO Pros

When it comes to website hosting, if you are an Internet Marketer, SEO Pro or a Blogger, there is a great chance that you need a high number of web hosting companies for various purposes. Here is a list of web hosting companies that myself and other team members utilize. These are discount hosting companies, cheap hosting companies and low cost hosting companies whose price points run anywhere from $0.00 to and can go up to $46.00 per year.

This particular list is composed of what we deem as low cost companies that deliver anywhere from OK to outstanding service. Be advised that if you are seeking a five star web hosting company, then you need to be prepared to pay five star pricing. That said, these companies are great for setting up your HPBL networks, second tier backlink sites, pumper sites and for other SEO purposes.

As far as your high traffic money websites, you will need to use other web hosting services specifically designed for hosting money websites. Not that any of these services cannot handle the task because they can. The thing is, they are low cost and therefore are not designed to handle heavy loads.

Consequently, when it comes to these types of services, we make it a point not overload these servers. Meaning, most of the time we DO NOT use self-host WordPress blogs. Anyone in the hosting business will tell you that blogs are serious resource hogs, even when you strip them down to the bare bones.

Instead of WordPress blogs, we use an assortment of low resource platforms such as Thingamablog, XSitePro, hand coded HTML, DreamWeaver and various easily customizable HTML templates. That way, not only do we not leave any type of design footprint as we roll out a high number of websites, we also never end up red lining the CPUs in any of these shared hosting websites.

Here is the list and enjoy!

LevelHosting (Less Than $20.00 Annually)
LevelHosting is out of Canada and I have been with them about a two years. They use the cPanel as a control panel and you can get a year’s service for fewer than twenty dollars. Just remember to use the code they provide here.

Megabytehosting (Less Than $8.00 Annually)
This is another Canadian based company that is looking to make a splash in the American market. If you need some cheap web hosting, with instant activation, Megabytehosting should be near the top of your list. They are simply

Nosupportlinuxhosting ($1.00 Per Month Per Website)
We included this site on the list because they are simply dirt-cheap! The catch is; you get no support. You have to know how to set up your websites and what to do if you get stuck, don’t even bother sending them an email or trying to get their help. That is why they call themselves, “No support Linux Hosting!”

Hostthename ($23.42 Annually)
This company is based out of Los Angeles and may be one of the leading providers of cheap hosting.

Hosterbox ($17.88 Annually)
This is one of those cheap hosting companies that probably shouldn’t have that tag. The price is right and the service is great; this is a no brainer!

Socheaphost ($15.36 Annually)
Their name really says it all. You are going to receive a thirty day money back guarantee, which gives you plenty enough time to test out the service. But at that price, you can’t beat it.

Hostzil (Free If You Play Your Cards Right)
There are a ton of free hosting plans out there and we could have placed a good deal of them on this page. We chose Hostzil because they are ad free and as long as you stay within the bandwidth parameters, you are good to go.

Beachcomber ($24.99 Annually)
As far as this company is concerned – they are actually a premier web hosting company but they made this list because they offer two different cheap hosting packages. This is one of those deals that you simply don’t want to pass up.

Astoundinghost ($23.40 Annually)
This is a great hosting company. Probably good enough not to be on this list but they also made it because of their cheap pricing plans

Eleven2 ($44.55 Annually)
We put Eleven2 on this list simply because we feel that at a price point of only $44.00 and some change, you are getting superior service.

Hostbig ($33.00 Annually)
This plan allows you to host five domains at under $35.00 per year. If you check around, you are going to find that many of the better known web hosting companies price a similar plan around $29.00 every quarter.

Zyma ($28.30 Annually)
This company is based out of the UK and they can add to your assortment of different IPs. The price is on Euros but even still, you are walking away with some very cheap hosting.


Webhostingpad ($23.88 Annually)
This is yet another one of those cheap services that provides webmasters with great service. At the price point they offer for the least expensive hosting plan, it cannot be beat.

Gatonegra ($9.00 Annually)
Let’s be honest here, at $9.00 annually, what is not to like when your websites are up and running and fast loading? We’re talking about less that one-dollar per month for web hosting.

Other Mentionable Web Hosting Companies


Remember to check each company out prior to making any type of commitment.



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