Three Things Webmasters Should Not Do If They Want To Maintain High SERP Rankings

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Three Things Webmasters Should Not Do If They Want To Maintain High SERP Rankings

Do Not Let Google See You Naked
Can you imagine how a woman would feel, stepping out of the shower in her birthday suit and seeing a man in her bathroom she is never seen in her life? And this man is standing there staring at her? Can we agree that such a scenario would be a complete violation of her privacy? I bring up that despicable illustration to point out how too many webmasters and Internet Marketers allow Google to see them naked and they don’t even realize it.

How so?

The moment that you sign up for (GWT) Google Webmaster Tools and place your sites in the GWT system and then add Google Analytics code to your websites, you are allowing Google to see you naked! You may say, “But I’m not doing anything wrong!” Neither was the woman in the shower but that is beside the point. Just like when a police officer reads a person their Miranda Rights, once you consent to allowing Google to see you naked, they can use that information against you at any time.

I have a friend who is a Premium AdSense Publisher. He made the mistake of believing that Google actually cared about his success. He ended up putting Google Analytics on a number of his websites and then put them in the Google Webmaster Tools. His final mistake was meeting the Google AdSense team based upon an invitation.

During that meeting, my buddy showed the Google AdSense team his complete game plan. In other words, he let them see him naked! In less than three weeks, Google sent his websites crashing in the SERPs. His income saw a drastic drop of eight grand in thirty days. When he attempted to find out what was wrong, he got NADA from Google!

Well, they gave him the basic Google ambiguity, which meant they revealed to him, NADA! Because he valued his AdSense account, his sites were all white hat and they still slammed him. Make not of this, the rule of thumb is; never show Google anything on your back end. Do not sign up for GWT Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and do not put any type of Google coding on your website under any circumstances unless you want Google to see you naked.

Do Not Get Stuck Building One Kind Of Backlink
It is frightfully unnerving that I have to say this but nevertheless, here goes. Clearly, the advent of the powerful HPBL networks, led many SEO professionals and Internet Marketers to become very lazy. So lazy that they saw no need to engage in GLD Genuine Link Diversity. One SEO agency that started in the early part of 2010 only used HPBL to get their clients ranked. It was a dream come true until ALL of the HPBL networks they participated in crashed and burned.

The once happy go lucky agency owner is now taking Paxil to overcome the stress and anxiety of watching close to one hundred and thirty SEO clients lose their rankings overnight. Make no mistake bout it, when you get stuck on building one type of backlink, your SEO world is subject to come crashing down. Link diversity is always the SEO rule of thumb. Those who break that rule, pay a high price in lost rankings and revenue.

Do Not Ever Stop Building Backlinks
There are certain things in life that once you get there, you can relax and take a breather. But SEO is not one of them! The moment your competitors catch you sleeping SEO wise, they will pounce on you! Your backlink building game plan should not cease once you obtain your desired rankings. At that point, you can throttle down your link building but do not ever stop.

To put it succinctly, you want to maintain a certain link velocity at all times. If you are wise, you will go back on a scheduled basis and add additional website directory links, statistical links along with your high PR links. Mind you, there are SEO pundits who swear that certain links are worthless but no link is worthless when you understand that some links are designed to obfuscate those who are attempting to reverse engineer your backlinks.

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