Genuine Overall Link Diversity Is The Key To Organic SERP Success (Part 4)

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Genuine Overall Link Diversity Is The Key To Organic SERP Success (Part 4)

For The Love Of Internet Marketing Don’t Become a SEO Pundit
One thing that can get you in SEO trouble is listening to or becoming a SEO Pundit. A SEO pundit comes across with a message that their way is “THE” way to do SEO and they will hammer their SEO beliefs much like the religious pundit, Harold Camping hammered America and the world with his religious beliefs about the world ending on May 21st, 2011.

My point being, SEO is an art and not a science. There are numerous ways to achieve high rankings in the SERPs. What I’ve offered you are some tried and true methods that worked before the Farmer algorithm changes and worked before the Panda algorithm changes and have proven to withstand the subsequent Google algorithm updates.

So You Don’t Use Genuine Overall Link Diversity?
To be sure, there are other methods one can use to obtain high rankings, we could talk about link spamming, bee-lack-hat techniques, gray-hat techniques and go down the line. I personally know a number of link spammers and they swear by their methods to the degree that they have become SEO Pundits for link spamming. In their minds, anyone who is not engaging in link spamming is missing the boat.

If you are going to succeed in obtaining and maintaining organic rankings in the SERPs, you cannot become a SEO Pundit. In other words, it is not wise to force yourself to have tunnel vision for one SEO method. Right now a high number of webmasters are in a state of panic because they have lost their online incomes overnight.

They woke up and checked their Adsense stats, ClickBank stats, CJ stats and other affiliate programs and saw all zeroes and their hearts started racing. They subsequently fired up their keyword rank tracking tools only to be horrified after confirming that their keywords had in fact, disappeared from the SERPs.

Webmasters Want To Know What They Did Wrong To Tip Off Google
As these webmasters backtracked to determine why they experienced a sudden and seemingly unexplainable painful drop in the SERPs, that’s when they learned about Genuine Overall Link Diversity; it is what they did not have. Some of these individuals only used HPBLs to gain their high rankings.

Others only used Article Marketing and still others only used blog commenting. Because their methods were producing amazing results, they saw no justifiable reason to engage in Genuine Overall Link Diversity.

Many of these individuals became SEO Pundits for HPBL networks. They went so far as to espouse HPBL networks as the wave of the future of SEO. These SEO Pundits recruited others to follow their lead in utilizing only high powered HPBL networks to obtain first page SERP rankings.

But the moment Google took notice of this unnatural link building pattern; those SEO Pundits saw their worlds crash. Certain SEO agencies that relied solely on HPBL networks have went out of business because they were ill prepared to deal with their enraged and increasingly hostile SEO clients. Your SEO philosophy needs to be one that is built around: testing, tweaking and adjusting versus espousing any single method as the only way into SEO heaven.

If you are going to succeed in SEO, you need to:

  • Always be open minded
  • Always engage in forward thinking
  • Always engage in testing and tweaking
  • Always consider the risks concerning any link building campaign
  • Always engage in Genuine Overall Link Diversity

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