Genuine Overall Link Diversity Is The Key To Organic SERP Success (Part 3)

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Genuine Overall Link Diversity Is The Key To Organic SERP Success (Part 3)

Link Velocity And Link Decay
On the subject of Genuine Overall Link Diversity, there are two extremely critical factors that you must be aware of and that is going to be, “Link Velocity” and “Link Decay.” Link velocity describes the rate in which inbound backlinks are detected by the search engines. Let’s say that you have a website that has had no link building in the past sixty days and you decide to order five thousand backlinks from some seller on Fiverr. Days later, your backlinks are confirmed and you are a happy camper as you push for the links to get indexed. The problem is, that whole scenario DOES NOT look normal.

Think about it! Your website has been silent on the link building front for sixty days and then out of the sky blue, five thousand backlinks appear, all using the same keyword? But alarmingly, webmasters and website owners engage in this erratic unnatural type of link building everyday.

PLEASE NOTE: anytime your link velocity is erratic as in our example with the five thousand links, there is a real potential for you to trigger the search engine algorithm alarms. Concerning link velocity, the key is being consistent versus being erratic. I hate to use this as an example but one reason link spammers are so successful is that they are consistent when it comes to link velocity.

What Is Link Decay And Why Should You Care?
In terms of link decay, this is the process of quantifying the rate at which backlinks are lost, devalued or otherwise diminished. Some examples of link decay? Just recently, countless webmasters frantically scurried to remove the backlinks they obtained from various HPBL networks after learning that the sites were deindexed. I personally know people who ended up erasing thousands of backlinks in a matter of a few hours. That type of massive link decay will definitely raise red flags.

Duly note; link decay is a normal part of being online. It happens because website change formats, change owners, change content, go out of business and various other reasons. However, anytime link decay is outside of the normal everyday patterns, there is the potential to trigger the algorithm alarms. One simple way to avoid abnormal link decay is to target backlink sources that have staying power.

Stop All Of The No Follow Links Versus Do Follow Links Hyperbole!
Internet Marketing and SEO is lot like the American politics in some regards. When it comes to the Democrats versus the Republicans, the discussions are always going to be filled with political hyperbole. And that is how certain SEO pundits have made the issue regarding “No Follow” backlinks versus “Do follow” backlinks. Let’s be clear on this next point; if you have one hundred percent do follow backlinks, that IS NOT natural. You need a percentage of no follow backlinks to give your backlinking campaigns the Genuine Overall Link Diversity that keeps you under the red flags.

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