Genuine Overall Link Diversity Is The Key To Organic SERP Success (Part 2)

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Genuine Overall Link Diversity Is The Key To Organic SERP Success (Part 2)

Backlink Opportunities Abound!
As you can see, there are more backlinking opportunities than most Internet Marketers ever imagined. Viewing these opportunities from an overall perspective, you can see why so many websites are now experiencing major drops in the SERPs. Currently, they may only be utilizing two to three of these backlink resources and that does not look natural. The question arises, “How many of these backlink resources should a person utilize?” The answer is going to vary from niche to niche and from market to market. But here is my answer; you want to reverse engineer the top twenty sites in your target market using software applications such as:

Once you decipher the linking patterns of the top twenty websites, you then take that information and devise a plan that includes their overall linking pattern along with a twist that pushes you over the top. That being said, here is a general rule of thumb that should be adjusted to your particular niche or market:

Inbound Authority Backlinks (15% to 20%)
These are backlinks from authority websites that transfer major link juice as well as authority to your website. Some examples of authority websites are: Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia, YouTube, Reddit, Stumbleupon and Webhostingtalk. This is your backlink building foundation and should be treated with care. When dealing with this category of backlinks, you should treat these links as if they are diamonds, rhodium and platinum

Inbound Contextual Backlinks  (10% to 15%)
These are backlinks from article repositories, guest blogging, blog commenting second tier press releases and such. If the IB authority backlinks are your diamonds, rhodium and platinum, this category of links will be your rubies, pure gold and palladium.

Web 2.0 Properties (30% to 50%)
The popularity of web 2.0 properties is unmistakable. That being said, they offer great opportunities for Genuine Overall Link Diversity when handled properly. In comparison to the other categories, this category can be described as your bread and butter links.

All Other Backlink Resources (20% to 30%)
After covering the three main link building sources, this final category can best be described as your backlink boosters. These links are designed to bolster your backlinks and help round off your backlink building into a diverse and natural campaign.

Backlink Anchor Text Variation Is a MUST!
The next phase of Genuine Overall Link Diversity is backlink anchor variation. This happens to be an area that gets a lot of SEOers, webmasters and Internet Marketers slammed in the SERPs and here is why. Generally speaking, most people have been taught to take a keyword and hammer it until they achieve top rankings.

Let’s say someone is targeting the keyword phrase: Houses for sale. They typically post articles, blog comments, forum profiles and Web 2.0s using only the keyword: Houses for sale. Which again, is not natural. Many website owners who used that strategy – because it worked for years – are now starting to see their websites drop in the SERPs because that it is now triggering algorithm red flags. You want to use a combination of backlink anchor text variations as follows.

If you notice the percentages, you will see a varying degree. That is because SEO is not a science; it is an art. There are no hard line rules on the percentages because that would not be normal. These guidelines are what we have found to be successful.

Exact Match (10% to 15%)

  • Houses for sale

Partial Match (10% to 15%)

  • Buy renovated houses
  • Purchase remodeled houses
  • Sale on houses
  • Houses on sale

Phrase Match  (10% to 15%)

  • Cheap houses for sale
  • Foreclosed houses for sale
  • Houses for sale tips
  • Houses for sale essentials
  • Great houses for sale
  • Houses for sale by owners

LSI & Synonym Match  (10% to 15%)

  • Properties for sale
  • Residences for purchase
  • Homes for sale
  • Homes for purchase
  • Real estate for purchase
  • Buy a Condo
  • Homesteads available

No Match Anchor Text  (15% to 25%)

  • Read more
  • Go here
  • Click here
  • Website
  • Home page
  • Visit this site
  • For more info
  • Check out this website
  • Visit site
  • Check out site

Naked Links – No Anchored Text (20% to 30%)


There Is a Difference Between Looking Natural And Being Natural
Remember; the objective is for your backlink building campaign to be natural; not appear to be natural but actually be natural. A woman who has breast implants, buttock implants, colored contact lenses and is wearing hair weaves, fake fingernails and spandex to keep her tummy tucked, may look naturally beautiful from afar but the question is, “How is she going to look up close and personal?” When you engage in Genuine Overall Link Diversity and your site goes through the algorithm filters, they will see natural SEO backlink building patterns that do not raise any red flags.

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