Genuine Overall Link Diversity Is The Key To Organic SERP Success

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Genuine Overall Link Diversity Is The Key To Organic SERP Success

When It Comes To Backlinks You Need G.O.L.D.!
What is G.O.L.D.? GOLD is an acronym that stands for, “Genuine Overall Link Diversity.” If you are thinking that GOLD is something new, you may be somewhat mistaken. GOLD has been the standard for successful link building for the longest. While various link building fads, tricks and gimmicks have come and gone, the tried, true and proven way to go is = Genuine Overall Link Diversity. This tutorial is going to provide you with the foundation of what Genuine Overall Link Diversity is all about and also cover some critical points webmasters, site owners and SEO professionals will need to grasp going forward.

Genuine Overall Link Diversity Protects Websites From Triggering Algorithm Alarms
The one subject that a lot of SEO fixated people are not talking about is the fact that certain websites were not negatively impacted after the latest rash of Google algorithm updates. They remained *penalty free primarily because of their natural backlink diversity. Here is what we have found through numerous case studies.

Some webmasters, Internet marketers, SEO agencies and SEO professionals find a backlinking method that produces amazing results and they tend to focus “ALL” of their attention and energy on that single method. That is what happened to a great number of SEO agencies concerning the HPBL network fallout.

If you want to stay under the search engine red flag radar, you cannot adopt that mindset no matter how tempting it may seem at the moment. The thought process of only utilizing one or two types of backlinks did work in certain markets and niches prior to the Panda algorithm changes but as it stands, we are being pushed right back to the very foundation of off page SEO, which is Genuine Overall Link Diversity.

I’m harping on this point because I know a slew of people who are banging their heads up against the Google brick wall. They have seen alarming and drastic drops in the SERPs, which means they are losing a ton of money. But that is not their MAIN issue since such events happen on a regular basis.

Their MAIN issue is; all of their past tactics of firing up well known bee-lack-hat IMATs don’t seem to be working as rapidly as they once did. Consequently, they are finding that they have to secure backlinks from sources they previously shunned and or personally belittled, (See my quick side note).

*My quick side note = There are some SEO Pundits who adamantly assert that certain backlinks are worthless. They argue their points utilizing various bits of information they deem as being empirical evidence. For example, I’ve had SEO Pundits swear that NO ONE should be building website directory backlinks of any kind. The problem with that belief is that web directories are still an integral part of Genuine Overall Link Diversity. The point you really need to hone in on is word, “Overall.”

And You Thought She Was Naturally Beautiful?
Follow me with this illustration. A guy sees a girl and thinks there may be a spark between them. He proceeds to introduce himself and they start having a conversation. As they are talking, he is evaluating her in much the same way the Google algorithm evaluates backlinks. The guy is checking out her smile or lack there of. He is listening to her voice because he wants a woman with a feminine voice. He’s looking into her eyes to see if they sparkle.

He is checking out her legs, her bosom, her buttocks and her curves or lack thereof. He is also checking out if she has sense of humor or not and if she has a rough minded or abrasive attitude versus having a sweet persona. In other words, he is engaging in an overall evaluation of this woman to determine if she could be his potential mate. This is how Google evaluates backlinks.

In the grand scheme of backlinks and algorithm evaluations, the Google engineers have devised filters that are set to evaluate backlinking patterns and red flag certain those patterns they believe to be unnatural.

I’ll say it again, the way to avoid being red flagged and consequently having your backlinks devalued is to engage in Genuine Overall Link Diversity. We start the process off by taking a look at a comprehensive list of backlink building sources. These are the places that you will be embedding your backlinks.

Comprehensive List of Backlink Resources

  • Answer Sites (Like Yahoo Answers)
  • Article Marketing
  • Article Syndication
  • Blog Commenting
  • Classified Ad Websites
  • Cool Sites of The Day Websites
  • CSS Gallery Backlinks
  • Document Sharing Websites
  • Ebook Directories
  • Free Webhosts
  • Forum Profiles
  • Forum Backlinks
  • Guest Blogging
  • HPBLs
  • Link Bait
  • Link Exchange Networks
  • Meta Search Engines
  • Newspaper Websites
  • PAD Software Backlinks
  • Photograph Directories
  • Podcasts
  • Press Releases
  • RSS Feeds
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Network Websites (e.g., Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)
  • Screen Saver Directories
  • StatusNet Websites
  • Submit Your Backlinks Websites
  • Tutorial Website Backlinks
  • Videos Marketing
  • Web 2.0s
  • Web Application Directories
  • Web Directories
  • Website & Blog Template Backlinks
  • Whois Database Listings
  • Widget Directories
  • Wiki Web Pages
  • WPMU Websites
  • Your Own Private Networks

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