Are You Ready, Willing And Able To Play The Google SEO Game?

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Are You Ready, Willing And Able To Play The Google SEO Game?

If you are a SEO professional, Internet Marketer or a website owner who relies on organic results for website traffic, there is a good chance that you have experienced some shifting in rankings in the past fifteen months or so. This is due, in large part to what Matt Cutts describes as Google’s algorithm changes. If you believe Matt Cutts, these algorithm changes were implemented in order to push the, “Low Quality” websites out of the top of the SERP rankings and bring the better quality websites to the top of the rankings.

But surely you recognize there is a problem? Who determines what a low quality website is? Making that determination is not like determining what the temperature of a body of water is. As far as the temperature goes, all we need to do is stick our thermometers in the water and we will all come to the same conclusions based upon the temperature readings. But deciding on which website is a low quality website versus a high quality website is not so easy.

Look at it like this; some people think Kim Kardashian is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Conversely, other people think she is absolutely ugly. The million-dollar question is, “Who is right?” That is the same question being pondered when it comes to determining if a website is a low quality website or a high quality website, “Who is right?” I have an Internet Marketing buddy who spent about five and a half years building up his Adsense business. When he got his online income to the point that it exceeded his job, he became a fulltime Internet Marketer.

This gentleman did everything right! He used no blackhat or gray hat techniques. He had Google Analytics installed on all of his websites; he also had a GWT Google Webmaster Tools account and monitored his traffic religiously. When Google came out with Google +, he signed up and placed the new social network on his websites. All of his sites were designed a professional web designer and they looked really nice. But on November of 2011, his traffic took a nosedive. By January of 2012, his AdSense income dropped from forty five hundred dollars a month all the way down to a dismal five hundred dollars per month. His AdSense income was basically wiped out in one fail swoop.

The odd thing is, he never received any warnings inside of his GWT account. The only thing he received from Google prior to that point came from the AdSense team; they advised him to increase the number of Google AdSense ads on his pages from two to three. He followed their instructions and about a week later, he lost the majority of his organic traffic. While the folks at Google essentially stonewalled him, we put together a brainstorm team and after some in depth research and a ton of reverse engineering the competition from top to bottom, we concluded his first site took a hit as collateral damage to the latest Panda algorithm changes. Take a look at this message left by Google, concerning how their algorithm changes are causing collateral damage.

Now pay close attention as this website owner expresses his dismay because he experienced over a forty percent drop in traffic.

Here is what you must accept whether you are a Webmaster, website owner, SEO agency, SEO expert or an Internet Marketer; many of the changes being made by Google make no sense and have no rhyme or reason. While I researching for my friend, I uncovered roughly three hundred websites that Google arbitrarily dropped in the rankings due to their latest algorithm changes. Which leads me to believe, if you are not ready, willing and able to play the Google SEO game, you may setting yourself up for some huge disappointments. Know this; Google cares about one entity and that is Google!

Consequently, you need to make sure that you are prepared in the event that one or more of your websites becomes the victim of Google’s collateral damage campaign.

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