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Get More Blog Traffic With SEO Traffic Getting Software

Get More Blog Traffic With SEO Traffic Getting Software

And The Blog Traffic Software Award Goes To…

In television, they have the Emmy Awards.

In radio and television broadcasting they have the Peabody Awards.

In most professional sports, they have the MVP, Most Valuable Player Awards.

In food preparation, they have the Blue Ribbon Award for the best Chef.

And now,, introduces the winner of the 2009 Blog Software of The Year.

Drum roll, maestro, please!

And the winner is, Jeff Johnson’s Free SEO Blog Software with Traffic-Getting Technology!

That announcement is followed by three long bursts of the lively audience applauding and cheering uncontrollably.

Hello Aspiring Online Marketers and Fellow Bloggers,

Joe Elliot here and if you want more blog traffic, I’ve got some great news for you!

In the beginning of 2009, a friend sent me a link to Jeff Johnson’s Free SEO Blog Software Traffic Getting software and asked me to try it out. After downloading the software, going through the 1-minute registration process, and landing on the “Traffic Getting SEO Plugin Instructions” page, I was shocked! The blog traffic software indicated to me that in order for that particular blog to be SEO Optimized, I needed to install three new WP Plugins and make 64 Tweaks, (which the software did automatically!) and make two more posts for the week and voila, that blog would be 100% SEO Optimized.

It took about two to three minutes to grab the WP Plugins, (Actually the software grabbed the needed plugins when I OK’d it to do so). Once that process was done, I clicked on the button for the blog traffic software to tweak that blog and around 60 seconds later, it was DONE with that process.

The final step was adding two additional posts, which I did, then I went back to the, “Traffic Getting Utilization Meter” and it showed that blog as being 100% SEO Optimized. Now came the waiting time to see if this blog traffic software was the real deal or another hyped up fake.

The wait wasn’t long!

This is The First Ever Blog Traffic Software That Impressed Me!
In less than eight days the traffic to that blog increased! AND, there was a noticeable upward move of ALL of the keyword phrases! At that point I WAS NOT sold! I’m a hard nut to crack and you’ve got to bring your “A” game to convince me. However, I will admit that I was impressed; anything that increases blog traffic (as long as it’s not Blackhat techniques) is going to get my attention.

I installed Jeff Johnson’s Free SEO Blog Software on two additional blogs and got exact same results. Now I was S-O-L-D! Since those first three blogs, I’ve advised my clients, (I own Expert Web Designers) to download this software and install it on their blogs.

Blog Traffic Software That Works!
This amazing SEO Blog Software is 100% free, installs in minutes, and it’s yours to keep… it never expires and there are no fees. To grab your click on, get more Blog Traffic!

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