What are RSS Feeds and Why Should Be Using Them NOW!

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If you are not using RSS Feeds to obtain backlinks, increase laser targeted website traffic and increase your revenue, you are missing out on a powerful Internet Marketing strategy that could potentially expand  your business exponentially.

If you don’t already know, RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. It means that your content, (i.e., articles, blog posts and pages, videos, audio files, podcasts, news headlines, etc.,) are submitted to various people in the form of a RSS feed.

An RSS feed is similar to when someone syndicates his or her articles. In this case, your RSS Feed is automatically distributed to subscribers.

Typically bloggers and website owners in the know, regularly update their web properties with fresh new content. It keeps the spiders crawling their site and it drives in laser targeted website traffic. With RSS Feeds, immediately after the content is updated, it is instantly broadcast to subscribers.

The beautiful thing is; this happens without you doing anything extra. The days of sending out ezines are over! Once a person subscribes to your RSS feed, they are on automatic pilot.

In order to read a RSS feed, each subscriber generally needs a software application such as RSS reader, RSS aggregator or a feed reader. A subscriber can also read your RSS feeds through most mobile devices and also from their laptops and desktops computers.

The content is posted by means of a standard XML file format and can easily be viewed through the use of those various different applications.

There are certain benefits of using RSS Feeds for the both the subscriber and the content providers.

For the subscribers, subscribing to RSS feeds is so simple a child can do it. In most cases all a person has to do is click on that well-known orange RSS icon prominently displayed on most websites.

Once they click, they are prompted to provide a valid email address and they are done! The RSS reader routinely monitors for updates, which makes utilizing RSS feeds a no brainer.

RSS feeds means bloggers, website owners and content creators can easily syndicate their content to an unlimited number of subscribers virtually without any fees or charges. Remember, as soon as you publish content, it will be instantly broadcast to your subscribers. This process is nothing similar to the days of old when we prepared ezines and sent them out to our lists.

That entire time consuming process required you to have a good e-mail responder service such as Aweber. To add to the burdensome tasks, you had to track your bounce rate and sometimes be concerned about being slapped with a Spam tag if someone had a hard time unsubscribing. With RSS feeds, you experience none of that.

For anyone who is oversees a content driven website, blog or news type of aggregator, you no longer have to go through the somewhat grueling process of chasing down authors to write fresh content for you.

Now, all you need to do is subscribe to the various RSS feeds that publish content related to your market or niche. And finally, RSS feeds are an innovative method of advertising and marketing your goods and services and of obtaining one-way backlinks.

To learn how to utilize RSS Feeds to increase your website traffic and obtain backlinks, you need to take the RSS Master Class.

RSS Master Class

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