Get Website Traffic (Learn The Most Crucial Aspects To Grabbing Laser Targeted Website Traffic)

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When most bloggers, website owners and Internet Marketers launched their first website or blog, they usually waited with baited breath expecting the visitors to start hitting their online venue in droves.

When it didn’t happen overnight, they figured, “NO problem!” But, when it just didn’t happen at all, they were left perplexed and aghast.

Just so you know; that’s the normal path taken by most bloggers and Internet Marketers who are not in the KNOW! So how does a person get laser targeted organic traffic that converts? The answer is a five-fold solution that evolves around:

  1. Learning Keyword Research
  2. Learning On Page SEO
  3. Learning Off Page SEO
  4. Using IMATs – Internet Marketing Automated Tools
  5. Building Your Own IM Network

Learning Keyword Research
If you don’t know this already, unless you have a website like, or, you will most likely have to build your website around well planned keyword research strategy.

The three sites I mentioned get a lot of television airtime, radio airtime and a heck of a lot of print media. Consequently, they don’t need to spend a lot of time (if any) on learning Keyword Research.

But for the average blogger and website owner, learning how to engage in proper keyword research is tantamount to learning how to swim prior to diving into the Pacific Ocean.

If you don’t learn how to find keywords that you can rank high in the SERPs with, that have commercial value, your website will drown in the ocean known as, The No Website Traffic Zone.”

Learning On Page SEO
On Page SEO starts right after the Keyword Research has been accomplished. It begins with the process of providing compelling content that is SEO Optimized to the targeted keyword phrases.

It then moves to appropriate Keyword Density, LSI Latent Semantic Indexing, inner page contextual linking, H1 and H2/H3 tags, Title META tag, XML Site Map, etc.

Your On Page SEO needs to be on point if you want to make it easier for the Search Engines to find, crawl and index your website or blog. And of course, it makes it easier to out rank your competition when your ON Page SEO is in place and you follow up with great Off Page SEO.

Learning Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is primarily the process of obtaining anchored text IBL Inbound Links from other websites. The degree of the power of these IBLs is basically determined by the: authority and PR rank of the site providing the IBL.

Using IMATs – Internet Marketing Automated Tools
Let’s face it, in the highly competitive field of Internet Marketing, if you are not using the right tools, to help you advance your business, you will not rank well in the SERPs and you will not get a lot of traffic – if any at all.

Tools such as Market Samurai for Keyword Research, Bookmarking Demon for social bookmarking, Digixmas for semi-automated web directory submission and a host of other tools such as Backlink Energizer, ZennoPoster, SENuke, Xrumer, UBot, RoboForm, and Scrapebox.

If you are not using the tools employed by the seasoned and savvy SEO veterans, you will compete against them without these tools and loose; it’s that simple.

Building Your Own IM Network
By building your own Internet Marketing network, you can drive laser targeted traffic to your money sites at will. In addition, since you own the network, you control the links.

This system is not for IM rookies because it evolves around building your own Web 2.0 properties, blogs, web directories, article directories, news aggregators, forums, RSS aggregators, etc.

Once your IM Network is built, you have immediate access to an unlimited number of high PR sites and web properties.

All in all, of you want laser targeted website traffic, you have to be aggressive in going and getting it. The days of building a site and writing a few articles and getting tons of traffic are not over but they pretty much have increased in competition.

As it stands now, unless you are going after low competition niches that produce moderate to little income, you have to step your game up if you want to get website traffic that is laser targeted.  If you need a step by step pan to get website traffic right NOW; I urge you to look at Kok Choon’s Nuclear Traffic Maximizer.

Giles, the Crew Chief

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