Market Samurai Review (Do You Really Need MS For Keyword Research?)

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As many of you may know by now, Google recently made some major changes to their search engine that caused a lot of “Keyword Tools” to revamp their software applications. The thing that we enjoyed most about Market Samurai is that it was a “One off” purchase. Meaning, you paid once and you were done.

With the latest Google changes, in order to provide “Keyword Rank Tracking” Market Samurai switched to a subscription based platform. A lot of IMers were upset but that is just the nature of the beast. I still use Market Samurai as well as a couple of other tools because in this business, you must always maintain back ups and then back up your back ups.

Having shared that, here is the info on Market Samurai.

Surely you are aware that there is a lot of talk about Market Samurai. The question you want answered is, “Is the talk a bunch of Affiliate hype from folks who are only seeking an affiliate commission?”

To clear the air; unlike other vendors who allow anyone to become an affiliate even if they don’t own or use the product or service or have never read the ebook, only actual Market Samurai users are allowed to become affiliates.

So the review you are about to read is coming from me, Giles, the Crew Chief – an everyday user of Market Samurai. If you’ve followed me on the Warrior Forum or on any of the other forums, you know that I am a pull no punches type of straight shooter who calls it like he sees it.

Before you read any further, yes there is a FREE Trial copy of Market Samurai. People have asked me is there a catch.

The answer is, “NO!”

  • The Trial is absolutely and completely FREE
  • There are no hidden gimmicks
  • Market Samurai DOES NOT require a credit card to get the FREE Trial
  • There are no clandestine auto-billing tricks set up on the backend
  • To download your Free Trial copy NOW, go to Market Samurai.

My Experience With Keyword Research Tools and Why I Chose Market Samurai
Since I’ve been engaged in Internet Marketing, I’ve used a number of Keyword Research and Niche finding tools. Some of which are still collecting dust on my hard drives.

I’ve used: Keywords Analyzer, Keyword Elite, SEO Elite, Traffic Travis, Niche Horde, Trellian, WordTracker, Wordze, PPC Keyword Generator and a few others.

Why so many? Essentially, because I was looking for a tool that wasn’t buggy, didn’t require the user to be an NASA engineer or computer programmer just to use it, didn’t require users to set aside an entire day just to get results and was intuitive and user friendly.

Some of the Keyword Research tools require that you go through a ridiculous sequence of actions prior to starting a query. The thing about is; you had to read the manual, watch a group of videos and log on to a forum just to figure out and understand the sequence. Unless of course; you are a computer geek!

That being said, the first thing you need to know about Market Samurai is that it is completely user friendly and intuitive, which makes it easy to learn.

In the picture below, I’ve launched Market Samurai and started a campaign entitled, “Keyword Research Tools” Notice how smooth flowing and easily accessible the interface is.

Market Samurai Review

The beautiful thing about Market Samurai it will work for you whether you are a seasoned Internet Marketer and SEO Pro or a noobie who just started Internet Marketing last week or last night.

Aside from the user friendly interface, the Keyword Research training provided by Market Samurai in the form of videos and written material is second to none!

I can tell you that no one in our industry has made understanding Keyword Research such a simple process. The training is in-depth and yet easily comprehended no matter what your educational acumen.

What’s really amazing is that after the training, and after running a number of projects, a noobie can be on the same level as a SEO expert, if not better.

In comparison to all of the other Keyword Research tools available, Market Samurai is head and shoulders above them all. It will not only save you a considerable amount of time searching for keywords, another feature that I cherish is the “Rank Tracker.”

Instead of googling each of your targeted keyword phrases and then searching one by one for God knows how long, you can input your site, the site’s URLs and your keyword phrases into Market Samurai one time and anytime you want, at the push of a button – you can track your all of your targeted keyword phrases.

In addition Market Samurai is designed to easily determine:

  • Which markets and niches are really worth concentrating on
  • Which niches and markets you should steer clear of
  • They keyword phrases you should zero in on for speedy results
  • The keyword phrases you should keep clear of
  • The type of markets that have inadequate levels of competition
  • The type of markets and niches that have impossible levels of competition
  • The possibilities of obtaining a page one ranking for a keyword phrase
  • The topics you should use to generate content for your website
  • The number of backlinks you will need to rank on the first page
  • The type or quality of backlinks you will need
  • Exactly where to find quality backlinks

As you can see, this Keyword Research Tool is the cream if the crop! If had in any cons to using Market Samurai, it would be that I wished that I had found it long ago! Check out the trial version and you’ll be hooked! Or you can just go ahead and get it NOW! Go to Market Samurai.

Market Samurai Review

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