How Crucial Is Proper Keyword Research To Your Internet Marketing Success?

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I recently received another request from a struggling Internet Marketer on the brink of giving up. He had spent about two and a half years trying to make his first $100.00 dollars. At that point, income wise, he was in the red… way in the red!

After looking at his site and scanning his keywords, I asked, “How did you come up with these keyword phrases?” His response was, “Google! What’s wrong with my keywords?”

In a nutshell, everything was! And that is why he was struggling. In some instances, he was using common one and two word keyword phrases that each had two million or so exact searches per month. In other cases, he made the mistake of using “Broad Searches” versus “Exact Searches.”

To some individuals, such a trivial mistake should be overlooked but in the world of SEO, words rule. As a matter of fact a term SEOers refer to as “Exact Search” really drills the point home as to how crucial proper Keyword Research is. You have to be exact!

The bottom line; you have to get Keyword Research right if you want to succeed at Internet Marketing.

If you roll the dice on this issue, you will miss way more than you hit.

Of course, some sites have a distinct advantage because the bulk of their website traffic comes from offline advertising sources such as television, radio and other print advertising venues.

Barring that, you will need to do your homework.

It goes without saying that performing Keyword Research properly can be quite a time intensive and challenging process. Even so, it truly is worth the effort. The time spent mining for these golden nuggets and finding the traffic producing winners is better than winning the lottery IMHO!

The right keyword phrases can put you on easy street once you’ve got them ranked high in the SERPs When you are engaging in Keyword research, it is imperative that you answer these essential questions.

  • Do the keyword phrases have enough searches to warrant building a campaign around?
  • Do the keyword phrases have commercial viability?
  • Are the volume trends steady throughout the year or do they have enough seasonal traffic to warrant a campaign?
  • What is the SOC Strength of Competition?
  • What type of effort will it take for you to out rank your competition?
  • How much do you expect to spend in your marketing efforts with the targeted keywords?
  • Is there a large disparity between the local search volume and the global search volume?

Regardless of whether you are using Keyword Research for a PPC pay per click advertising campaign or for obtaining organic traffic, it is vital that you answer those questions and understand these concepts:

AOC = Amount of Competition
A few years back, someone started using a phrase called, “Low fruit hanging on the tree.” They were referring to finding keywords that had low levels of competition.

What was not clearly explained was the fact that some keywords have little to no competition because they are not worth building a campaign around. If the amount of competition is low, you need to check out why. You have to make sure your keyword phrase is not a dud.

SOC = Strength of Competition
In the NFL National Football League, when a team wants to win the Super Bowl they must analyze the strength of their competition. If their competition has a staunch defense; they must insure that they have an offense that can score points against the stingiest of defenses. If not, they won’t get far in playoffs let alone make it to the Super Bowl.

When it comes to Keyword Research, the same rules apply about SOC Strength Of Competition. You have to be able to properly evaluate your competition. How is their On Page SEO? How is their Off Page SEO?

ESV = Exact Search Volume
If a Keyword phrase does not have the search volume to sustain a campaign and you decide to go after that keyword anyway, that would be like opening a Ski shop in the Sahara Desert.

You may get a trickle of traffic. When researching keywords, make sure that there are acceptable levels of, “Exact Search Volume” and that it is specific to your targeted country and language.

Don’t make the same mistake that so many Internet Marketers make who take this phase of the business lightly. Be clear on this; unless you have a site like, your Keyword Research will have to be on point!

I only shared some of the basics. Once you have got those down, you are ready to jump into the more technical side of keyword research. There are a number of tools and guides you can use that are time savers. As tools go, my team primarily uses Market Samurai. It has to be hands down one of the best Keyword Research Tools on the market.

Go here to See Market Samurai.

Also, as far as additional training goes, one of the best courses is by Sean Donahue, it’s called Keyword Diamond.

Hope that helps and I’ll see you at the top!

Giles, the Crew Chief

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