Don’t Suck at Internet Marketing! (Seven Critical Rules To Becoming a Highly Successful IMer)

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If most Internet Marketers were honest with themselves, they would look in the mirror and ask, “Why Do I suck at Internet Marketing?” Harsh? Probably! But if you want to succeed in this business sometimes it takes a swift kick in the buttocks to get you turned in the right direction. In this session we get down to the nitty gritty of some of the more important the rules you’ll need to abide by in order to become a successful Internet Marketer.

Rule #1: Don’t Listen to People Who Don’t Know What Heck They Are Talking About!
This first rule seems elementary but you would be startled to learn how many Internet Marketers actually take it lightly. The people you should ignore are usually easy to spot because they constantly regurgitate their opinions, beliefs and ideologies about IM and SEO versus providing irrefutable facts.

They boldly stand behind their assertions without a splinter of verifiable evidence. Amazingly, they never grow tired or weary of slamming, flaming and complaining about proven IM and SEO tactics, strategies and tools.

When it comes down to the bottom line, they will resort to dropping names and making statements such as, Matt Cutts and Rand Fishkin both say… blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada. They love dropping the names of well-known Internet Marketers they do not personally know because it helps them masterfully create illusions that these experts agree with their incoherent perspectives.

They are forced to employ these easily refutable chicaneries because they cannot back up a single solitary claim they make. Plus, they know the average noob IMer is not going to confirm or does not know how to confirm the veracity of any claims they’ve made. Continue listening to them and you might make $57.00 to $90.00 dollars in the next 12 months.

Rule #2: Sound Your Internal Alarm When You Hear Certain Blanket Statements
You should instantly turn on the, “suspicious” alert and the “I doubt what your saying” alert when you read and here statements such as or similar to…

  • Don’t use automated tools
  • It’s better when you do it manually
  • Automated stuff doesn’t stick
  • Article marketing is dead
  • Google only loves manual
  • Automated submissions will give you away
  • That is a low level form of yada, yada, yada
  • You don’t need backlinks when you have good content
  • Google hates blah, blah, blah…Link wheels are dead
  • Your traffic will come automatically
  • My CTR is around 69% to 89% all day long…
  • Never use free hosting accounts for anything
  • Social bookmarking is dead
  • Automated tools will get you sandboxed
  • Don’t ever use Blogger accounts
  • That method of backlinks is low quality
  • Adsense is dead
  • Make $10,000.00 in fifteen minutes
  • I make $3500.00 per day and I’ll show you how
  • You don’t need to spend money to learn IM
  • I’m an SEO expert… (while arrogantly pounding chest)
  • EZA is dead
  • Only great content ranks well in the SERPs
  • Google only indexes one version of an article, post, etc…
  • Tools like BMD, BIE, Scrapebox, XRumer, SENuke, Ubot, etc., are for lazy, brainless IMer
  • Web directories are dead
  • If you build more than a few links a day, you are going to get Google slapped!
  • People who use tools to do IM do so because they don’t have brain!

When you read and hear statements along those lines, make a mental note to put a red flag by the originator’s name! Even if they own a make money online website or company! Even if they claim they have been doing SEO for 109.5 years. You’ve heard of JEDI mind tricks, right? That’s probably what they are trying to ply you with!

Remember this; in IM, the Reagan rule always applies; Trust But Verify!

They made the statement, now it’s up to you to verify it and then concur, or adamantly reject it altogether or agree with an amendment.

Just so you know, if you listen to individuals with the aforementioned train of thinking, they will have you crossing your fingers and literally hoping and praying for backlinks to fall to your sites(s). They’ll have you thinking and acting like the guy who ashamedly left a rockin jammed packed nightclub all alone.

He donned an Armani suit, he was wearing a Rolex watch and a 12.21 carat diamond ring, he used Clive Christian’s No. 1 Cologne For Men and was wearing shoes by A. Testoni. Although, there were beautiful women all over the place – with all of that, he still left the hottest club in Miami’s South Beach, all alone.

The reason? No woman walked up to him and asked him to dance or talk. He patiently waited but nothing ever happened. Duh, I think you get the picture.

The proponents of these types of theories take great joy in convincing others that backlinks, affiliate sales and high SERPs all come naturally and magically as soon as a site has golden content and dazzling graphics.

They think just like that guy who was convinced women would magically come to him in the club just because he was all decked out. The bottom line; if you want targeted, high converting web traffic, you’ve got to go and get it!

Consequently, if you follow their advice, it may take you two years or so but one day you will have an epiphany and wake up and realize, “Doggone it, I allowed these misguided knuckleheads to mislead me… and that’s why my websites are still traffic less!”

Rule #3: Learn IM and SEO For Yourself
You see, that’s what PROFESSIONAL IMers do! They live, breath, eat, sleep, study, test, evaluate and implement SEO practices, strategies and tactics in the real world of Internet Marketing on a day-to-day basis. They don’t talk or deal in theories, conjectures, assumptions or hypothesis.

NO! They are right there where the rubber meets the road. They use what they talk about and talk about what they use. When they tell you a certain strategy works; you can take what they say to the bank and get paid!

They’ve learned Keyword Research. They’ve learned how to get backlinks and then boost their backlinks. They’ve learned how to use RSS Feeds to their advantage and how to SEO Optimize their web properties.

Rule #4: Be Prepared to WORK!

In IM and SEO, I mean in REAL IM and in REAL SEO, there are no magical push button instant traffic pills, no matter what anyone tells you or tries to sell you. Most of the tactics and strategies that put you high up in the SERPS and drive in the Mucho Deniro are laborious, non-glamorous, time consuming and downright boring… but they just flat out work!

If you want to make it big in IM, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and WORK! If you are looking for instant riches and overnight success with little to no effort at all, you’re in the wrong business!

The moment someone attempts to hustle you with a glamorous spiel about getting to the first page of the SERPs in two minutes, ten minutes, etc., etc., at the push of a magical button, watch out!

Once again, they are attempting to employ JEDI mind tricks! Your best move? Don’t waste your time listening to them lest they infect you with their IM fairytales.

Rule #5: Be Prepared To Make In-Flight Adjustments
In Internet Marketing one thing is constant; things will change! Professional IMers are not stunned nor thrown for a loop when the changes come. They are prepared to make in flight adjustments at the drop of a dime! Professional IMers are not in love with or emotionally attached to any form or method of marketing.

When the SEs changes; they are adapt. When a software application or subscription service stops working, becomes ineffective or becomes too pricey; they alter the software or subscription service.

If a certain method of marketing increases, decreases, experiences rules or algorithm changes or whichever the case may be, professional Internet Marketers alter their game to meet that challenge. It boils down to the old axiom: adapt or die!

The key to making in-flight adjustments is staying on top of your game. You have to be adept at tracking search engines, constantly assessing your network, spying on your competition and keeping abreast of your sources of traffic, sales, backlinks, link juice, PR, income and trends. When they move; you move!

Rule #6: Become an Aggressive But Intelligent Internet Marketer
To really succeed at IM and SEO, you must become a military like strategist and tactician. On one hand, always be in the full throttle attack mode and set out to dominate the SERPs!

On the other hand, be extremely stealth about your moves and actions. Plan and execute your tactics, strategies and movemSEO, search engine optimization, backlinks  ents in such a way that you stay under the radars… while at the same making a killing!

Rule #7: Join a IM Brainstorm Team or Create One!
Someone once said, “Two heads are better than one.” When it comes to running any successful business, be it IM, real estate investing, a restaurant, Forex investing, etc., a Brainstorm Team is a critical necessity.

None of us are the sum total of all knowledge. By being part of a Brainstorm team, you can bounce concepts off of each other, pick each other’s brains, test strategies together and measure what you know and don’t know.

Go and do research and you will find that the most successful IMers are all part of Brainstorm Teams. Willie Crawford, Mike Filsaime, Stephen Pierce, Sean Donahoe all have or are part of IM Brainstorm Teams. Remember this; iron sharpens iron.

If you want to be a sharp IMer, team up with other sharp Internet Marketers. Your learning curve will shorten and you will create a synergistic effect that exponentially catapults your knowledge base, skills and earning power.

If you take those seven rules serious, you will turn things around and come to the point where you are not just making a few sales here and there but you are striking it rich!

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    That was an excellent information you just gave out. A lot of people seems to be misled that many misconceptions, Crew Chief is very correct. Majority of the things people blacklist are actually goldmine that they are preventing or trying to hide from people. Use it and get closer to your dreams.

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