If You Want To Make Money Blogging Here Is The Foundation You Need To Build From

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Bloggers are constantly asking the question, “Where do I start?” Whether you are just getting started with blogging and Internet Marketing or you have been struggling at it for a while, that question continues to bother the mass number of bloggers. Another major question is, “What do I do next?”

I’m going to help stop the online hemorrhaging from information overload. Previously, I’ve talked about taking an Internet Marketing Boot Camp. Now, I’m going to share with you the four things you must learn in such a boot camp if you are going to make money online and not waste time haphazardly hitting and missing. There are four foundational elements.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. SEO Optimization
  3. Backlinking Building
  4. Website Building Basics

NOTICE: these are a must! Also notice at the top of the list is Keyword Research; this is the PRIMARY FOUNDATION! If you don’t know how to perform Keyword Research, you are sunk as far as making money blogging!

There are tons of one hundred and twenty page websites that get absolutely no web traffic. Imagine building a site with over one hundred pages and making NADA! If you knew how to research the issue, you’d quickly learn that the problems lie with keyword selection.

The keywords these blogger select either didn’t have any traffic. Or, they were so competitive that it would take months and months of non-stop marketing to make any headway into the top SERPs. And finally, they get to the top spot with some keywords but accomplishment is short lived because of the keyword’s lack of commerciality. They don’t make any money because the keywords hold no monetary value. That’s why learning Keyword Research is so critical.

Here are the tools we use for Keyword Research: Market Samurai, Google Keyword Tool, SEMRush and SEO SpyGlass.

Do you need all four? Probably not! Why do we use so many? Because we run a full fledged online business and perform Keyword Research for our clients as well as for ourselves and these tools make the research process a breeze.

How come we mentioned the free GKT Google’s Keyword Tool? Although the GKT does not perform an in depth analysis for organic traffic as it relates to: relevancy, SERPs, competition or commerciality, GKT can help you find some nuggets when you know how to use it. Just keep in mind; GKT is designed primarily for helping Google Adwords PPC clients determine which keywords to bid on.

In addition to Keyword Research, you want to learn SEO Optimization, Backlink Building and Website Building Basics. Get all four of these right and you are on your way to making money blogging.

Giles, the Crew Chief

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