Why Most Bloggers Fail at Making Money Blogging And Why You Shouldn’t Follow Their Lead

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Four years ago when the mad rush to make money blogging resembled the California gold rush, I noticed something that was going to come back and haunt the masses.

The majority of people who jumped on the Blogging bandwagon did so because they were seduced into the ominous Internet Marketing, easily and effortlessly make money online hype hole.

This hole is exactly like the mysterious Black Hole with one exception, the Black Hole never promises to make one rich without any effort, without a website, without working long hours and without any skills.

A high percentage of the bloggers who came aboard three and four years ago and who are coming aboard now are still believing in and seeking out that one magic script, magic ebook or magic piece of software that they can install, read or activate, push a button and make tons of money online while they sleep.

If you were a member of any of the major or mid-level Internet Marketing Forums, you would witness firsthand how easy the Make a Wish Gurus talk the newbies and struggling bloggers into buying their cheesy ebooks and useless software.

The Gurus launch a piece of software claiming it will instantly put a site on the first page of Google within 24 hours and this bunch of Bloggers are feverishly pressing the order buttons so fast they temporarily crash the servers.

Like lambs to the slaughter, they jump on every offer as if these offers are the Holy Grail of Internet Marketing. Remember Traffic Bug? It was touted as the answer all to getting traffic with, you guessed it; no effort!

The recurring monthly fee made the deal seem like a no brainer. Consequently, newbies jumped on board and started sending GetBlogHelp reports to boast how easily they were building backlinks.

They were all excited because they were receiving these glowing confirmation e-mails; in their minds, this proved the accounts the software created for them were valid and live. We went and checked those web directories and article directories in question and surveyed them to be primarily link farms that you couldn’t find through the SERPs if you tried.

Some of them were unranked and others weren’t even indexed. What’s worse, some of those sites were set to inject malware and viruses.

BUT, the newbies were easy marks because they had been trained and indoctrinated to believe that making money online was a walk in the park that required little or no effort. That’s why they fail! If you want to make money blogging, don’t follow their lead. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to put in some work!

You’re actually going to need to learn how to make money blogging. Haphazardly building blogs is not the path to take… not anymore. Those heydays are over. If you want instant gratification, you’d have better luck trying to win the lottery.

The fact of the matter is the majority of Bloggers aren’t willing to give what it takes to succeed. Not since they have been brainwashed by their Gurus into believing they can make money blogging with no experience, no website and with little to no work or effort. As those folks continue searching for the end to the ominous Internet Marketing make money online hype hole, you need to dig in and get to WORK!

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